The Idea

The new generation in business has developed in an environment unlike any other. More information, more speed, more diversity and more opportunity than any generation before. Yet one thing hasn’t changed... communication remains the last critical link in their journey toward success. But this new generation learns in an entirely different way.

FirstImpressionsCount’s microlearning videos are aimed at moving your young professionals quickly from where there are to where you need them to be – making real contributions to your business. And they do it in a way that young professionals can relate to.

Each module in the suite is followed by a short survey that tells them and you how they're connecting with the learning, where they're making progress, and where they're have opportunities to go deeper.  A great, personalized, roadmap for you to help with their continued growth.  That post-video interaction, combined with administrator access to a full analytics dashboard reporting on participant progress is designed to provide you and the participants with the immediate feedback that is essential to real results.

 The Background