Transitions can be tough...

Transitions can be tough.  They almost always require letting go of something in order to take hold of something else.

When what you’re letting go of is familiar, comfortable, and “known” – something you have a connection to – it can be disruptive, troubling, and even sad.  You know in your head that moving on is right, but your heart may tell you something different.

And, when you’re moving towards something unknown or incomplete, that discomfort or sadness can even begin to feel a little scary.

Transitioning from the collegiate world to the adult working world can cover that full range of emotion… sad to be letting go of friends, familiar environments, and defined interactions… excited to be gaining independence and taking on new challenges… and certainly less familiar as you learn how to handle yourself in new situations with new demands.

There’s a constant you can count on to help through every step of the transition, including those new relationships and changing situations.  Everyone has access to it and it will never fail you.  It’s you!

Deep inside you is a vital core – a wealth of thought, emotion and experience.  It’s the center of everything that makes you unique.  As you moved through your collegiate career it developed, matured and become stronger – you’ve become more of who you really are.  That “becoming” will continue – your entire life – but as long as you’re true to what that “you” is all about – you’ll succeed.  Even as you transition to your adult career.

All of us have a personal view of ourselves… and it almost never matches the way the rest of the world sees us.  You’re nowhere near as good – or as bad – at anything as you think.  You may have found comfort in your parents and friends reassurances and you may feel more nervous than ever before at some of the looming new experiences. But it’s important to remember that no one outside can see what you may be feeling in your head.  Or vice versa, what seems like good energy to the inner you, might never be entirely evident to the outside world, if you’re afraid to express it.  Even your voice sounds different in your head than it does in someone else’s ears.

Remember, every time you communicate – as a student or a young professional – you have a choice.  You can try to change who you are, or you can be more of who you are.  Leaning on that constant – that real you – every time you speak with a new colleague or associate will help you build real connections, develop real solutions to the problems you’re facing, and ultimately achieve real success for you and those around you.

Trust yourself as you navigate what’s ahead. This is likely not the first new experience you’ll encounter, just one where the stakes feel higher. The good thing is you’ve had many years to prepare. Now breathe and embrace the next chapter!

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