The Tables are Turning


It is no secret that Millennials are a different breed when compared to past generations. Every generation sees a large shift in US society and culture, but nothing compares to the technological advancements and the need for development that this group is seeing. 20 years ago, a job offering a comprehensive medical, dental and vision plan was just the perk needed to attract potential employees. While still very appealing, this isn’t enough for Millennials who hold high expectations for their workplace experience. According to, Forbes, "30% of millennials have held three jobs or more over the past five years" So, what is it exactly that this generation wants and what can you do to retain your new hires? 

Offering Continuous Development and Training

Development and Training. Development and Training. Yes, we wrote it twice because you can’t afford to miss the point. Universum cited Millennials top three work-related fears, and one of them is being stuck with no development opportunities. There it is. The proof is in the research - Millennials need expanded opportunities for training – and not necessarily just in the hard or technical skills, soft skills matter too. According to The Washington Post, "While a college degree may be the strongest signal that someone is ready, it’s become increasingly less reliable than it once was, in part because it doesn’t indicate that students know the soft skills." Investing in your employees improves the quality of the work they do - whether they stay with the company for five years or twenty-five years.

Quality and Variety

Beginning to end. Start to finish. Soft skills training is essential to keeping your new hire motivated and growing – particularly those who are just entering the workforce or early in their career. While your new staff members are busy learning the technical and tactical ins and out of their new role, it is easy for their attention to the development of their soft skills to fall by the wayside. Leaders responsible for talent development should not lose sight of the fact that Solid development of soft skills is beneficial - both to their individual performance as well as, to the way they represent your company. Paige Goldner, Executive Vice President of Speakeasy stated that “those who supervise interns or individuals who are early in their career have a responsibility for making the experience valuable. Ensuring that you don’t lose sight of the opportunity to develop their soft skills, represents a golden opportunity to impact their career and, as a result, your organization, well-beyond their current role.”

The Return on Your Investment

We get it. Time, money and resources being put into talent that might not stay with your company more than a few years. Why bother investing in development, if there’s a chance there will be no pay-back?

Here’s why: Millennials are excited about learning and development.  Unlike past generations, more than 80% of Millennials say that they are willing to put in a great deal of effort beyond that normally expected in order to help their organization be successful (Boston College). Not only are millennials eager to help take your company to new heights, they are eager about learning along the way.  They’re energized and confident and, while there may always office whispers that Millennials think that they are the experts, you can help them get beyond that by offering them the tools and training to help them become more. Any employee, especially individuals just beginning their career with your company, needs a positive experience if they are to continue to grow... every bit of the time, money and resources you put into your new hires will be well worth it.

The Time is Now

Companies who refuse to acknowledge the shift in the workplace will be left with few potential and competitive employees to choose from. There are nearly 70.15 million working Millennials. Following closely behind them is the tech generation, Generation Z, who is making its first appearance in the workplace. Both groups are yearning for an organization that is willing to invest its time and resources into their development so that they can provide a return to the company. Something as simple as implementing a micro-learning environment like, could make all the difference when new hires are looking to choose your company as the launching pad for their careers.

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