Talking Your Way out of Your Internship Anxiety

Tiara Berry – A rising senior at Spelman College from Fort Lee, New Jersey. Marketer by trade and storyteller by experience - Tiara enjoys helping to craft narratives for brands in various industries and is currently interning in Marketing at Speakeasy’s Atlanta headquarters.

Anxiety is no fun, especially in the workspace. As we approach the middle of the summer many college-level interns are still battling the jitters of being the newbie in a work environment and crippling their ability to effectively communicate. Here are a few things to keep in mind.   


  1. Remember, They Chose You for A Reason 

The summer season is a significant time for a college student – especially for rising juniors and seniors. Companies all over the globe receive tons of internship applications from eager college students seeking to dive headfirst into their career paths. The simple fact is that your company, organization, or foundation deemed you worthy to not only interview you but offer you a position. That is proof enough that you are much more capable than you think. As intimidating as a  new work environment may seem, you're capable and your future colleagues are excited to hear the mind-blowing ideas you have to contribute.  Strong communication skills help give you the confidence you need to navigate the challenges you will face as an intern. The level of confidence it takes to succeed is reflected directly in your spoken image -- it’s who you are.


  1. Leadership Does Not Discriminate Based On AGE 

Every day, c-suite level executives are getting younger and younger. Mark Zuckerberg, Founder/CEO of Facebook, was 19 years old when he created the largest social networking platform in the world out of his dorm room at Harvard University. A good idea, a creative marketing strategy, or a new initiative to increase sales revenue can come right from you, right now. Effective leadership begins with how you communicate your messages. You are never too young to enhance your spoken image; in fact, discovering the ability to confidently articulate your message to your audience displays an elevated level of maturity your organization will appreciate. Remain eager to learn new things and absorb everything a company has to offer you through real-time experience. 


  1. RELAX 

PAUSE! Remember to breathe and remain balanced through this new experience.Your focus during your internship is to soak everything in as you learn new skills and techniques to optimize your effectiveness as a young professional. You might feel uncomfortable at times but that just means your growing. Communicating and showcasing yourself as a leader amongst others requires a certain level of centeredness. Before you know it, you’ll be excelling in the things you once found difficult and taking initiative to help push the company forward. All you must do is trust the process.  


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