It's All About Choices

It's All About Choices!

Yes, life is all about choices and these decisions will determine your path and journey. You have the right and will have the opportunity to make many choices in your life: How you spend your time. Whom you spend your time with. Who your friends are. Where you live. What is your career path. The choices are endless.

You have the choice and ability to own your career path – no one is going to do this for you.   After you land any new job (at any level), the choices you make will have an impact on the business and your career. Will you show up on time each day, be accountable for the work, meet and exceed your goals, and positively contribute to the company culture?

You have the choice of “how you show up” each and every day and these choices will have a positive or negative effect on you, your team and the company.

When it comes to your career and finding the “the next step”, look for opportunities that stretch you, build your leadership skills and give you a new challenge.  A few ideas include: joining an internal employee resource group and volunteering to lead a committee; joining a business association in your city and/or industry; tell your boss you want to help with the new project or company initiative.  When it comes to your career – own it. Talk to your supervisors about your career aspirations – where do you want to go from here? What skills will you need to make that happen?  And, don’t be afraid to throw your name in the hat for a promotion or lateral move.  Transitioning to a lateral position can also be a move up, giving you a fresh perspective, new direction and a clearer path for what comes next.  Taking risks with your career can also be a great choice, giving you a new opportunity to stretch yourself in ways you never imagined.

Finally, own your development. Meet with your manager and HR leader about career opportunities and ways to develop new skills. Determine what competencies you need to perform at your highest level, becoming a better you and more effective employee. The leadership and management skills required can include decision making, strategic thinking, listening skills, feedback, coaching, problem-solving, and of course, my favorite – communication!

Now, be accountable and find ways to build these skills…and remember that Speakeasy and SelfLink are here to help!

Own your career and take charge of your choices and don’t forget to enjoy the journey!

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