Interns Need Development Too

If you are a manager hiring interns for this summer, don’t forget that as much as these students are thankful for the opportunity, they are looking for development as well.  Internships provide a wonderful way to find new talent and give college students a “summer view” of your company’s culture, people and the services you provide. It is important not to forget that your interns will also look for ways they can develop and gain new skills.

We all know the current generation of interns are very tech savvy and spend a tremendous amount of time communicating by text, instead of actually talking to one another.  For some, the “art” of communication and true human connection is a passing thought and not a priority. However, businesses fail without human communication – it is the key to building relationships and lasting business results. Offering your interns the opportunity to explore the fundamentals of communication and how to apply this competency within their internship and beyond is critical to their success.

Give them the resources and tools to learn about the value of communication:

How do you connect with your listener(s)?  What does it mean to use your personal energy to engage an audience?  How do you properly use your body when you communicate? Are you speaking clearly and projecting so others can hear you? What is “authority” in communication? How do you create a message that means something your audience? How do you effectively use visuals? What is visual image at work and why is this important? How do you communicate and connect on a conference call?  

If any of this sparks your interest, please reach out to Speakeasy. We can help with our online resource, SelfLink, and give your interns a new sense of what it means to communicate and connect.

Written by: Kathy Hatala, SVP of National Accounts and Managing Director of SelfLink 

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