Building Your Future Leaders

Build Your Future Leaders Now!

After moving their tassels to the left, the 2018 new graduates are ready to take your organization by storm!

Given the new crop of available talent, many organizations, including Speakeasy, are hiring young professionals. Starting a new job is like ‘the first day of school’ … you arrive with every question in the world floating through your head. Who are these people?  What are the daily tasks? Where will my career go from here? What is the culture? What kind of development and support will the organization provide?

We Need You:

Employee engagement should be a priority when it comes to onboarding new talent. The way your organization provides support and development for new employees (or falls short) plays a significant role in how valued and loyal employees feel, which often determines their longevity within the company. 

As leaders, we have the power and the knowledge to develop our new employees and set them on the road to success! It is imperative they know they are valued and can make an immediate, tangible impact on the business.

Set Goals, Expectations and Deliverables

We all remember the nerve wrecking first few days of a new job. This feeling is especially true for many of those entering their profession for the first time. Assist them in transitioning by assigning each new employee to an internal ambassador or mentor to pave the way. Involve your new talent in meetings and get their opinions, ask them for their ideas and truly “invite them in”.

The Basics: 

It's important to get new talent "workforce ready". Some of the missing links are being fully present, engaging and knowing that communication is the key to success in all business situations... and in life!

One of the core areas of development for new talent is communication – how to speak clearly, concisely, and provide compelling content. Is your voice too fast, slow, monotone, loud or soft? Are you using “fillers” such as “um’s” or “you know” or “like” within every phrase or sentence? Are you connecting with your listener by looking them in the eye? What is the importance of visual image and alignment within the company culture?  These are just a few examples why you must be aware of your communication capabilities and work to continually elevate “how” you communicate and connect.

Bottom Line: Don’t leave your young talent alone to figure it out for themselves. Give them the tools they need, watch them flourish and make their mark in your organization...because they are worth it!

About SelfLink:

At Speakeasy, we focus on communication and connection with others to further business results. We were asked to provide this knowledge more readily to young professionals, developing SelfLink in 2016.  With accessibility and efficiency, SelfLink is a micro-learning experience offering an innovative approach to expose your new talent to the power of the communication, remotely. The site features nine, 2-minute learning modules on communication, including authority, energy, body, voice, connection, visuals, messaging, conference calls and visual image. The videos are designed to provide new or young talent with an awareness of the key communication fundamentals that will be helpful in the workplace. SelfLink includes accountability components such as fast-moving quizzes to test retention of key learnings, transcripts, and exercises for practice.

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